Just got finished with my morning sit and reading of Scroll 5 in Og, and The Masterkeys Lesson 21. This past weeks webinar was a moment filled with acknowdgement of the accomplishments of the growth and work everyone put in the course from week 2 until now. Since I’ve put all my energies into each week of making incremental changes and advancements towards becoming a new me, it never dawned on me how much more I’ve grown even though I completed the course before. This year has freed me up from experiencing the technical issues and the process of making sure that I passed the course and feeling good about that accomplishment. I give credit to myself for taking the initiative for taking the course again, but I have to give a lot of credit to Mark for sharing his experience when he took the course. I believe now that the first time I completed the course was a setup for me to take it again with a different consciousness this time. Mark said that his breakthrough came the second time HE TOOK THE COURSE. DOGGONE IT, he was right. There’s one part of myself that acts like a mentor that’s guiding me to stay on course eternally and turning me into a self reliant, self directed thinker. My thoughts harken back to all those times of failure, self loathing, despair, unworthiness, fear, well you know, I could go on and on. But my biggest problem was not having a DMP, a written plan of action, factual science along with an every growing sense of Spirituality in relationship to how the Universal Mind is in all of us, and also a bunch of scattered thoughts of what I wanted, all filled with these negative thoughts. The fact that I actually knew that I was better than I am always kept a burning desire in my heart to keep going further. Since always had that spirit of being an artist, I always thought differently than most of my peers a that time. I was blessed to get out of my own backyard at an early age through music so to speak and see other parts of world. What I liked the most was this unexplainable feeling I got seeing lush picturesque scenes of nature, and people seeing my true authentic self. The problem was, when I came back home from a tour, I would eventually sink back in to that state of mind that I so desperately sought to eliminate. How could I somehow bottle up those feelings of self confidence along with this big unlimited vision and plans I had when I was in that the environment that yielded those kind of thoughts and feelings? Bam. This course came into play. I’m actually HAPPY again with a whole lot enthusiasm and vigor I hadn’t felt for a long time. Everything I’m engaged in now correlates to my DMP! Everything is above average and special. From taking this course that will be a world wide phenomena, to the business that I’m into, to my music, for some inexplicable reason everything fits criteria for success. Each one of these things I’m engaged in has some benefit and value for all mankind when it comes to participating in making this world better in some way. I just handed myself the keys to an everlasting life of growth and fulfillment. And you know what? all I have to do is keep growing with this new consciousness and doing the work. Although I still have challenges from the naysayers it doesn’t anymore. I cannot deny what I believe in because I see the evidence all around me. I realize that my future self is my best friend 😀❤.

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