As time marches on, the challenge of staying in motion with the ever changing forces of life in the invisible world always keeps my conscious mind being the watchman at the gate” being ever so vigilant over my subconscious mind. I realize that by observing virtues in myself and others requires an ever vigilant patrol of noticing these virtues every hour, every day. In chapter twenty of the masterkey lesson book it talks about how all great things come through recognition. “What am I pretending not to know”? Well I’ve come to the realization that we are are created in God’s likeness or some would say, God’s image, ( I’m using this fact for people that have religious beliefs) and that of being a Spirit whose sole activity is the power of thought. This one thought I revel in because I also know that I possess the same power that the Universe possesses with the only difference being that of a certain degree. Since I know that Universal power can only be transmitted to the individual for the sole purpose of expression through the individual, this is such a sobering fact to truly recognize. It demolishes any form of limitation. The challenge is to keep these thoughts eternal. Such thoughts as these along with many important facts are the building blocks towards being a self reliant, self directed thinker. I forever have the task of continually becoming a better operator of the mechanism that I possess. Assimilating all the virtues described in the Franklin Makeover is a true accelerant to becoming the new me with a different blueprint and a new reality. It is in this new adventure that I get to use my paintbrush creatively and masterfully to paint my new reality over a pristine canvas sheet. Now, that I’m watering fertile soil, instead of nightshade, I know that the soil can produce the fruit that yields wisdom, imagination, insight, courage, and true power from within. I can partake of this fruit over and over again with no limitations. Doggone it! I just love it when I uncover the truth! A lot of thought and time are given to these immutable facts. Connecting more and more of the dots in this course is allowing me do discover things this time around that I didn’t pick up before. But you know, that’s a good discovery for me. It shows the growth I’m experiencing. Now, when I recite ( by memory) the second paragraph in the blueprint builder , I clearly understand the sentence that states, ” I concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily upon the person I intend to become, thereby creating a clear mental image of that person’. This IS where imagination, idealization, visualization are created and given life and vitality. Being like the fictional Starship The Enterprise, I’m going where I ‘ve never been before by exploring new worlds and experiences. So with every positive step I make, I expect a different challenge that will always be ever present. I strengthen myself more by reflecting back to Scroll 2 in Og that says, “I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge”. Hey, you know what? I think if I have any sort of fidelity towards this statement I will experience growth exponentially. Whoopie! I gotta always remember that although the end of the course is near, this is but only the beginning of a new continuation of my life.😁

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Ohh by way, I love the hell out nature as you might have already figured that out. ha, ha, ha


10 thoughts on “WEEK 20: THE CHALLENGE

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it.😀. As for reading blogs, I’m quite sure that others like me and you have so many things to do also. I guess it’s all about the challenges we all deal with while we’re on this fantastic journey. I’m so honored to be involved in something so special that have people such as you in it ❤. Give more get more.

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  1. Allen, I loved the intensity of your conviction! And I especially loved this line: “It is in this new adventure that I get to use my paintbrush creatively and masterfully to paint my new reality over a pristine canvas sheet.” Thanks for that image! I appreciate master minding with you!

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      1. For whatever reason, Allen, we’re so much on the same wavelength. Good luck to you in all your future journeys!


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