Am I really committed to becoming the future me? Do I allow myself to momentarily bask happily in the thought that I can allow myself to congratulate myself on the things that I do that seem too insignificant to acknowledge? This is what this week was like for me. Looking into that mirror every night before I go do bed and reciting the Guy in the Glass forces me to evaluate ( not painfully) what I’ve done that day and honestly seek the answers to these questions and find the true answers. Being aware of such questions to the point that I can be my worst critic has it’s good and bad points. The one good and most important point is: I’m in it to win it! No thoughts of just completing the course so I can put a badge on my chest and stroke my ego. No delusional “red pencil syndrome” with subby storing it and then forgetting about it. Seriously, I embrace the fact that I am a HERO that loves adventure. Ahh, the unknown is such an attractive experience to push forward into. What lies next? Will it be a challenge to eliminate a limitation I was not aware of? Will I rejoice or get mad at myself at discovering a true fact? Or will the new day present a new discovery that I embrace? I must be very careful to be kind to myself and rejoice every time I discover a bad habit or thought that I can immediately focus on and make the proper corrections through the use of exercising the Law of Practice. I had a restless night of sleep last night dwelling of that fact that I did not complete all of my tasks the day before. Yeah it was a very exhausting week. Get over it. I got up this morning (6:00am) and immediately read Og Mandino and did my sit before writing this blog. You know what? I’m actually rejoicing at the fact that I am taking this action seriously. I sometimes forget how far I’ve evolved from the moment I took this course the first time and completed the course till up to now. I’ve become a service rendering machine😁laying waste to any chore that lies ahead the next week for me. My concentration, attention, and memory have advanced to new levels. I liken my experience to that of being in a small pool were I’m learning how to swim and always staying close to the side of the pool where I can always venture out a bit, but at the same time being able to come back to the pool if I run into any difficulty. The more knowledge and self confidence I gain, the bigger the pool gets, and the further I go, always going back to the safety of the side of the pool. (ie. the side of the pool represents the application of the knowledge I’ve acquired from this course). Now, I understand why I was intrigued with Greek Mythology when I was young. Even though I grew up going to Sunday school and church, I actually thought that there something was wrong with my Spirituality and my morality because I was more intrigued with Greek Mythology than I was with the Sunday school teachings. It wasn’t until I listed to Jason Campbell’s explanation of the importance of mythology and it’s true meaning: Eliminating my dragons in my life. I also uncovered another truth about myself: I always rooted for the hero. I am a Hero. I’m not here to say that I’ve accomplished every thing in my DMP, but I know that I’m headed in the right direction, and that success is imminent. There are so many things that I am doing and accomplishing along the way that sometimes I lose track of them. My virtue that I picked this week was Self Control.

I know I possess it because I’m a better operator of my thoughts and emotions, as well as observing Self Control in others. So after a careful analysis, I ‘ve happily come to the conclusion that I am truly In it to win it😎.

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11 thoughts on “WEEK 19: IN IT TO WIN IT

  1. Allen, I think being headed in the right direction = success! The electricity generated by your positivity tells me you have already won! Thanks for staying “current” publishing your blog! 🙂


  2. You are most definitely headed in the right directi9n with your commitment to expansion and growth. Self-control is most definitely critical to making consistent progress. All the Best.


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