This week has been a week of just feeling downright happy and grateful. Everyday I just keep giving my self permission to be powerful and happy. For me reading certain parts of week 17’s lesson in the Masterkey book talks about being careful not to worship symbols but to be more mindful of focusing on the true source of power. Thoughts of courage, abundance, health, honor instead of fame, wealth instead of riches, servitude instead of position. I realize how important these facts are. Upon taking time out during the day to ponder these facts, I’m finding myself being so grateful to accept this new form of thought and am experiencing this strange feeling of being happy and yet more powerful each day I live from morning to evening. I can’t express the importance of flashing my index cards and writing out my 3 gratitude’s everyday. When I look back at what a year the world experienced, a deadly virus, economic upheaval, racial division within America, long lines of people waiting to receive food at food banks, I’m still so grateful at how good life treated me this year. I’m so glad that I took the imitative to take this fantastic course again, as it has truly brought me to a state of mental consciousness in which I’m engaged in a different fork on the road. Not living by precedent but by my compass is rescuing me from a life of quiet desperation and regret. There’s always a blessing in what seems to look so chaotic and disastrously bad. By concentrating on the things I want and truly desire, my compass has put me on a collision course for success. It seems like everything that I desire is slowly taking form in what I see will happen eventually. NOW I feel like Charles C Barnes. NEVER giving up on my dreams. I see more than ever the true importance of making sure my DMP was written in certain and correct way. I think the biggest breakthrough for me was realizing that I’m already successful. Now when I completed the course before, I can’t tell you how many times I listened to the Greatest Secret by Earl Nightingale. I took the initiative to read it again this time and there was one thing that really caught my attention. He talked about the absurdity of waiting to get heat from a stove before you put the wood in it to start a fire. Or thinking that when get the things you desire, then you become successful. I’m so grateful to realize it’s your thoughts that are woven from good fabric, and whether or not your desires are compliant with the Universal mind and Universal Law. Just by staying engaged in my daily exercises has strengthen my memory, concentration, and thought imeasurably. Even when I think about something or say something I’m developing the unconscious knack of making sure it’s thought out a certain way, and then spoken correctly, because I realize that words are the highest form of architecture in civilization. Also the more I observe kindness the more I see it. I ‘m so grateful to know that all I have to do is keep doing what I’m doing at the highest level I can operate at and everything I ask for will given unto me. Serving others is becoming a wonderful experience filled with joy. So while I’m on my journey, it’s being filled with some memorable and unforgettable experiences. Now I truly feel and know what it says in Scroll 2, I greet this day with love in my heart. I must be before I can do😀 I’m so grateful.

nature wallpaper: Nature Beautiful Images

4 thoughts on “WEEK 17: BEING GRATEFUL

  1. Allen, you’re like the wrench. When it’s the right tool — you are, and you handle it right — you are, life’s a cinch! Great blog post!:-)


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