This week our task was to observe acts of Kindness for the whole week. I found this to be a very interesting assignment. The more I observed Kindness, the more I realized that I truly manifested Kindness. I’ve always been a person that always relished being kind to others without really thinking about the true power and benefits to others as well as myself that it brings. I get this feeling of pure joy and feel privileged to perform such an act and gleefully see the expression of thankfulness accompanied with a smile. You know, you never know how you might make a persons day by doing such a altruistic and unselfish act and making them smile. I certainly know because I’ve also been the recipient of such an act. I truly love and respect all my fellow MKE family filled with same kindness I posses https://karinmyjourney.wordpress.com/2020/12/24/week-13-master-key-experience/ I’m learning even to be more kinder to myself by not looking at myself in a negative manner. I rejoice if I notice a thought or action that at the time might have not been the best decision to carry out but what is done is done. But I realize that I get a chance to get better and better. Being an ardent observer of myself I get a chance to grow, thus using the Law of Dual Thought by replacing any thought with a good feeling that I wish to use and the Law of Growth by getting better. I realize that by having this all important virtue clears a path to infinite wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. Kindness gives my thoughts and actions vitality and strength to get the things I desire. I believe Kindness is also linked with having love for all humanity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “you always see more good in people than the bad” . This was said in a manner as if I had some sort of weakness that needed to be eliminated. I never realized how kindness can create everlasting friendships, or leave an indelible good impact on others that they never forget. My good friend and music teacher sometimes tells me about a moment long ago where he needed an amplifier for a very important audition that catapulted his career. He had asked numerous friends to extend that favor of borrowing an amp for him, but to his astonishment he only got rejected from the very folks whom he thought were his friends. He reminded me that when he asked me, I unhesitatingly said yes. What astounded him even more was that I brought the amp to his house. I still to this day feel that it was no big deal to me because I’ve always felt that the feeling I experience when performing an act of kindness is more valuable to me than any amount of money or accolades that I could receive as some sort of payment or some boastful news I could share with others . I once read a truly unbelievable (BUT A TRUE STORY)

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about a man who was homeless. Everyday people would see this man and ignore him as they hurriedly past him by going to work. Then on one occasion a lady approached him whom was well dressed and asked him, ” would you like something to eat?” Now the man was only used to people ridiculing him, so he angrily told her “no”. At this point a policeman who saw what was going on came over to the women and asked her if everything was okay. She told the officer everything was fine, but could he help her take this man over to a nearby restaurant that she had spotted. The officer agreed, so off they went to the diner. When they arrived, they sat down and the woman asked for some coffee and something to eat for the man. When the waiter came , he noticed how filthy the man looked and told woman the man would have to leave. At that point the manager noticed what was going on and approached the table. At that point the woman let him know who she was. How she was the CEO of the company his restaurant does business with. The manger and policeman who was still there were astonished. The manager then brought something eat and drink for the man. As the man was eating, the woman then looked at the homeless man and said, “you don’t remember me”? The homeless man then took a good look, AND realized who she was. She told him how years ago when she was young and just graduated from college, how she came into this very restaurant they were now sitting in, and how when he was working there, gave her something to eat free of charge. After she left, she had a job interview at the very place where she became the CEO. She never forgot that act of kindness this man performed for her. She then gave the man money to clean himself up and gave him instructions to go to her company, tell them who sent him. Not only did he get a job, but she set him up with an apartment! So I’m so grateful to know that I manifest kindness.

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