As I’m sitting down and thinking about what I’m going to write this week in my blog, it seems like I’ve got the proverbial “writer’s block. My mind seems to be drawing a blank. It’s actually early morning like 1:00am and I think I got side tracked a little this week with really watching what was happening in America. A lot of chaos and negative scenes on TV of what occurred in our nations’ capital. Disturbing? Heck yeah it was. Folks that were misinformed about the election were acting mindlessly and violently. As I witnessed this cacophony of confusion, I’m thinking, what a perfect example of how the conscious mind can send false information to subby and create discord, fear, cynicism, and wrong thinking that lead to disastrous proportions. I’m thinking that it’s is soooo good to be a self directed thinker and not let my thoughts and feelings cloud my judgement and get caught up in all of the confusion that other people unfortunately fall victim to. If it weren’t for me being diligent and following my compass plus reading my index cards and waking up and writing 3 things to be grateful about, I would probably be thinking that everything is only becoming worse and worse with no end in sight. It makes all the difference in the world when you can wake every morning being happy. Now my peptides are sending new information to my mind and it’s starting to get accustomed to demanding and excepting a new experience and reality. Scroll #4 states that “I am natures greatest miracle”. I’m a unique creature. There’s no one like me. I follow my own path. I’m not caught up in the frenzy of the crowd. I can’t explain it but, while I was sitting down in the park for a moment, I got this feeling of power, self confidence, while I looking around at the trees, and looking up at the sky, and it was absolutely amazing. I thought about reading all the good things that I actually did right in my life and it was incredible. In the Franklin Makeover, I choose Decisiveness and I immediately started seeing acts of Decisiveness everywhere from motorists making a decisive decision when they had to make a turn onto another street. From people in the deli decisively telling the cook what they wanted. There were movies that I watched on TV where people had to make quick and decisive decisions. Because I observed all this occurrences of Decisiveness, it was then that I realized that I possessed decisiveness within me. Even though I’ve been under the weather a little bit this week, I find myself getting out of the bed and writing my blog at this time in the morning with no hesitation which I looked at as being decisive. Through implementing R2A2 every time I discover a new unfoldment, it increases my mental and emotional capacity to grow and realize new frontiers that corelate to my PPN’s. Now I understand one important fact that the Law of Compensation says and that is, for everything that is gained there is something we lose (I like to use a more positive word like let go). There’s some sort of compensation that must happen for everything we do whether it’s good or bad. I’m learning to carefully construct my thoughts and words in a special positive way so that my thoughts and words become as being the highest form of architecture in the world we live in. Now I find myself talking to friends explaining to them how important it is to use the right words when they speak so they can actually get the things they desire without getting the same of what they don’t want. I see that you can’t give what you don’t have. You’ve got to be before you can do. I’m learning more and more about myself and the Universal Law, Spiritually and Intellectually. What are powerful combination. Looks like the 2nd time around in this course is truly a charm.

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