This blog is about a fantastic movie I watched called Mully. We were given an assignment in which we were asked to watch a number of movies and observe certain elements of the movie and write a blog about it. The objective which I thought was to link certain instances where we would recognize certain Universal Laws put into action as well as a certain mindset, a certain way of thinking coupled with faith and belief and a Plan of Action. I really couldn’t tell you why I picked Mully because it was almost like I did the Eney, meany, miny, moe thing I used to do as a kid. In other words, I just randomly picked Mully without any rhyme or reason, or was it by Devine choice? Well one things for sure: it seemed like I needed a box of Kleenex tissues from the moment I watched it till end! For me it was one of the most impactful movies I’ve ever watched! The movie started out depicting Mully as a young boy growing up in a small village in Kenya, Africa. Born into poverty and experiencing domestic violence, as his father constantly beat his mother out of frustration because he couldn’t find work and was always drunk (how many of us have started life out in which we see it as being unfair, and ask ourselves, “why me”). As if that wasn’t enough, his family abandoned him and he became an orphan. Forced to fend for himself, he experienced all kinds of challenges in his early youth until made a decision to become a New Man with a New Life. This thought created a cause that started a cascading series of effects, and causes catapulting himself into a life he never dreamt of. All of it became a fantastic reality for him by having a Definite Major purpose followed by a Positive and Spiritual attitude followed by a Plan of Action while Masterminding with others. Success begat Success as door after door opened up for him. After watching the movie at this point, I wondered to myself, “okay, I get it, I can see how he created a life out of being persistent and never putting any limitations on himself . It was then I noticed I was only at the halfway point of the movie! As I continued watching the movie, I realized the second part of the movie was the most compelling part. In one part of his journey, he had his car stolen and had to take public transportation to get back home (sometimes what we might view this experience as a disaster at that particular moment, but it can actually be a blessing in disguise). Shortly after that experience, he got an epiphany to change everything in his life, and give up all his wealth and businesses to embark on his true calling, which was to help others. It brought to mind my DMP. Were my PPN’s authentic or after accomplishing everything in my DMP, do I then and only then, discover my true purpose in life? Maybe, or maybe not. I definitely got a clear description of what chapter 13 in my Master Keys Lesson book says about this self perpetuating sequence of causes creating effects, effects creating more causes and effects etc. After he explained what he intended to do at the dinner table much to the chagrin of his family (whew). Mully started gathering all the orphans in villages (it reminded him of what he went through in his young life) and started housing these orphans in his on spatial home. Now I felt that was nothing but love, and because of his true intentions and him refocusing his thoughts of thinking primarily of only working for money, but instead now helping others as his main purpose, he got a true sense of fulfillment and purpose. Because of his faith, courage, vision, and belief, amazing things started to happen. And things or what we call “miracles” gradually manifested themselves into realty after the fact that everyone else including his family, thought he lost his mind (wow, how many of us have that kind of courage, faith, belief, vision?). By doing something bigger than him, he became a beacon of hope. In a nutshell, he affected so many lives in a way that created so much success and prosperity to others never imagined. He picked a lifeless barren piece of land and through his vision transformed it into a land of plenty for not only his people, but everyone else. Now how cool, amazing, or whatever you want to call it is that? That’s when I realized how I can become a “Mully” in my own way. There’s so much more I would like to say because there was so much I got out of watching this movie. This movie has left an indelible mark on my heart that filled it with so much love, gratitude, faith, courage, and belief❤

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4 thoughts on “WEEK 14: TRUE PURPOSE

  1. Allen, good for being on your way to becoming your own “Mully” and learning so much from the movie. From your blog rover friend John.

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  2. Oh, Allen, I need tissues just reading this blog this week. You are so inspiring yourself, and I just can’t WAIT to see what’s next for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to dig so deep and share!

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