Week 12 for me has been such a week of celebration for me. Knowing and believing that I am a part of a select few that belong to an amazing community and organization that reigns supreme and is the frontrunner in the world of self development all over the world makes me feel so…..special. I’m proud to say that I completed the 7 day mental diet!, Yep that’s right….. I honestly completed the 7 day mental diet! ( 6 days the first time I completed the course was the farthest I ever got) And I’m here to say that life will never be as it was again. For me it was so significant that it was like watching a normally televised show and having a special news conference preempting it. I see myself at the podium announcing to the public (myself) this huge accomplishment and how it will affect the world (me again) in the future (the future me). There’s so much fanfare going on….. there’s even a band playing a song (haven’t decided what the song is going to be yet). The funny thing about it all is that I couldn’t let anyone else know what I was doing! So I know that when I tell others of this accomplishment’ they’ll either look at me in astonishment or skepticism. Most folks will think of this feat as being one that is clearly impossible to do. After I strung together 2 days ( after a month of stop and go), I realized the only way I was going to get through this was by enlisting the help of my reliable friends whom I met before I embarked on this monumental task. One of them 😄helped me out by reminding me of the incident that occurred in the 7 day mental diet. You know…. the one where you’re sitting by a campfire and a cinder from from the fire jumps out and lands on your shirt or blouse and you immediately knock. it off before it burns through your clothes and burns you. 2. My friend 😎telling me about the bear hugging the kettle too tightly thus destroying himself eventually. The 3rd friend I 😆added after the first 2 was purposely added in this order. The reason why I chose him in this order was because after the 4th day, I realized that maybe I have a real chance at completing this task! I ALMOST FALTERED on the 4th day. Since I live in New York we had a snow storm earlier in the week. So being prudent, we went to the supermarket to stock up on some items things to hold us over during the storm. Because of Covid-19, there were long lines to the cash register. A negative thought tried to come and crash the party, but I survived by dousing out the potential disaster by remembering the advice my 2 friends gave me before (whew). I even managed to crack a joke to someone on line and I had them laughing🤣. So my 3rd friend 😐reminded me about about the Statue of Liberty story….. you know the one where you keep telling yourself not to think about it, but you’re actually thinking about it. Well once I understood what it meant, I stopped thinking about completing the task of conquering the 7 day mental diet and continued to let this habit become a part of me and the rest was history 😁. Now so as not to offend any of my other associates 😧 and leave them out, (gotta give credit where credit is due), The Law of Dual Thought and The Law of Substitution, played a huge part. Having the ability to attach any feeling I desire (law of dual thought) and substituting any thought with either an affirmation or something or somewhere that made me smile or laugh was a blessing in disguise. I feel like a gunslinger with a wide array of special bullets ready to shoot down any negative thought. I go out of my way to help anyone whether it’s a kind word, a joke creating laughter, being in the grocery store helping elderly people put their groceries in their cars, finding ways to improve their life by asking them to take look at my business opportunity, or just encouraging people to adopt a positive attitude towards their life, and being grateful for any positive thing they can of in these times of uncertainty. Getting rid of negative thoughts is creating clear path towards the right way of thinking. Mastering the 7 Laws of the mind is what perpetuates the Law of Growth. My PPN’S are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression, but what I now see is that the other PPN’S I didn’t choose will eventually seep it’s way into my being. The Whole is greater than it’s parts. Whoa, I almost forgot…. the index cards that we were instructed to create are “SMOKIN (they are the real deal). Creating a positivity bias is another powerful tool that frees us from that genetical trait of negativity. That alone is cause to celebrate the fact that we can live by our own compass🧭 I look at the 7 day mental diet as one integral part of many new ways to become a new person with a new life

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