Well this week has been a week of staying engaged and being ever so vigilant of the thoughts I choose to entertain and thoughts I wish lot to entertain. Every morning I wake up I go outside on the porch look up at the sky and thank God for another day. Now I’m starting to really understand what the passage in scroll 2 means when it says, “I forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new sun with confidence that this is the best day of my life“. This has been the great equalizer for me. It gets me engaged in only the present and not the past or the future. Now when I start a new day, I kick the day off with vigor and optimism. Now I Know that just because I made this new discovery mean that the day is not going to be beset with its share of challenges, but because I realize that life will present it’s oddball sorts of challenges, I’m now learning how to deal with them with a happy knack. Again out of necessity I’m now connecting the dots and linking all the exercises together and acquiring a new sense of self confidence that is gradually getting stronger and stronger each day. It seems like out of nowhere I look at chores as being of service for someone else. I’ve made donations to certain charities, paying it forward for people who are interested in my business opportunity but lack the funds to join. Here’s the kicker : I’m more excited than they are, and sharing my joy and excitement with them has made me realize the feeling that I experience when I’m engaged in the act of giving is huge. The other day a friend whom I haven’t heard from called me and thanked me for showing him how to play certain songs that I showed him years ago and how it expanded his understanding of how to create new songs. The constant awareness that I have with stringing together 7 days consecutively with no negative thoughts is a good way of keeping subby guarded and protected at all times. Just when it seems like I’m not progressing as fast as I think I should, I surprise myself with performing unconscious acts automatically. I’m paving the way to get the resources I need to push forward my vision of being a great musician and songwriter. One thing I can see is the big payoff on the horizon from my persistent actions to memorize the blueprint builder. Reciting the blueprint builder now is becoming a valuable tool that ranks high on my list of things that have the most impact for me. Now I actually feel each part that I recite as if it is truly coming from my heart filled with emotion. Each part reflects a much deeper meaning that unlocks the door into another room that has a new set of knowledge products calling out to me to discover more and link every other thing together ie, exercises, readings, affirmations, as one whole incredibly powerful force. It’s like being in this grocery store where all of the products in it are of extreme value. And knowing that this store is always fully stocked, never running dry of products, always bringing forth new products that can never be depleted. As my ability to become a self directed thinker grows ,my ideation, visualization, imagination, is growing at the same pace. I am learning how to be more tolerant towards others, because I know what I know, they don’t know. So that old saying goes, If you can’t beat “em join em,” now I rephrase that saying by now staying, ” If you can’t show “em, tolerate “em. So I realize how the world actually need folks like us in this community to be become a beacon of light and hope for others.

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