Week 10 has been a week of observing how I am managing to exert more control over my thoughts , feelings, and actions and challenges that accompany them . It seems that the more the journey continues, the more I’m feeling like a juggler of sorts. Each progression that I ascend to carries with it a whole new set of challenges that at times seem arduous with some things and easy with others. Keeping up the momentum in all the things that have to be done to make my DMP become a reality in the world without requires certain amount of disciple, persistence and patience. While I’m engaged in a practice session and get totally swept into another world full of discovery and enjoyment, I’ve got to put a time limit on when to stop because I now have other commitments to keep. I noticed a feeling of anxiety every time I came to this point ( sometimes these sessions could last 3-4 hrs). Learning how to disconnect myself was difficult at first, but with practice I’m getting better at it. Then there’s the tasks to be done which I think is very crucial. Can’t get the dynamo operating if the circuit is broken.This is antecedent to everything else I’m on my mission to accomplish. But Once I’m engaged in this process, I’m whisked away again into a state of being fully committed to the task at hand sometimes forgetting other services around the house or errands that have to be done again. Sometimes I feel like I’m actually an absent-minded Professor. But wait….. I’ve also got to keep up with my online business, digital solutions, tweeting, and….. maintaining harmony while still being relevant with others within the household and family. My old self which still has a nasty habit of reappearing is still trying to tell me ” dag nabbit how are you supposed to keep up with all things and make it work?”. It’s like the new me😁 and the old me😏 are happily walking throught a nicely manicured forest happily singing and saying how great it is to be alive. I’m saying to old subby, ” Man, when we come out this forest, I can see my new house and all the other new things I was telling you about“. All of the sudden subby stops singing and says to me, ‘WHAT DA YA MEAN? MY NEW HOUSE AND NOT OURS? ” I replied, ‘ ohh, I was going to tell you, but I wanted it to be a SURPRISE. Now I have to be on constant alert to make sure he doesn’t surprise me with any tricks. Thank God for a few passages out of Scroll 3: “if I persist long enough I win” and “I consider each day’s effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak”. Scroll 2: “I welcome obstacles for the are my challenge”. What I’m becoming to realize is that the object of my thoughts and desires are not going to become a reality through forced intentions, but through a natural progression of practice accompanied with a steady growth of realizing that the Universal Law ‘got my back and will provide an endless demand of supply that corelates with the dynamic thoughts that I provide. Now I know this fact to be true because when I’m learning new a material while I’m engaged in my studies, the only way I achieve the desired results are through relaxation and letting the flow come to me freely. At first consciously, and then letting it seep into my subconscious where the info I give it becomes infused with positive thoughts and feelings, and belief that eventually becomes a part of my flesh and physical being (whew that was a mouthful). So for me, when I’m doing something to push my growth forward no matter how disruptive it might seem and it creating a feeling of anxiety, it’s actually a good thing to observe how I react AND sort of be an alarm switch as to not break the circuit between me and the spiritual omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience of power that is just waiting to perform it’s duties upon my demands that need to be awakened. Everyday, I see more clearly how the 7 day mental diet along with having a thorough understanding of what the 7 Laws actually mean. Yeah as I’m writing this true fact, I might sound like I’m this astute observer and all, but it’s not worth a hill of beans unless I apply the knowledge that I possess. These are but a few of the methods for me that are critical points of emphasis that I Must master because of the time constraints that are becoming more evident the deeper I go in my journey. There must be a seamless transition of growth and change so subtle yet so profound that the results are already happening before I ever consciously realize it. Even with the surge of Covid-19 cases occurring up here in New York, I know that I have the power to redirect my thoughts on only positive experiences and visualizing the life my future self will be so thankful to the present me for creating the path I have laid out for him.😁

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7 thoughts on “WEEK 10: THE JUGGLER

  1. Yes, Allen, knowledge is power, however, it does need to be applied. Since I am a Blog Rover as is John, my appreciation for you staying on top of your blogs cannot be denied! 🙂

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