This week of Thanksgiving for me has been a week of compromise and discovery. I’m still mired in this everyday task of stringing together 7 days of no negative thoughts successfully. It’s been 2 days then start over again. For the sake of creating a harmonious atmosphere, I’ve had to scale back some of my tasks because had I not, it would have created a not so pleasant an atmosphere. Wow, so many things to do at this time of the year! One truth that’s said in the beginning of Masterkey lesson 9 is that “my fancies and ambitions may be thwarted at every step, but my inmost thoughts will find expression just as certainly as a plant springs from the seed” ( paraphrasing a little). Heck, this is the first and last time I’ll enter my blog this late. As I’m writing this blog I feel myself returning back to my now normal self. What I was able to do is rely on the more passive ways to bombard subby. Everytime I’m out and about, I identify shapes and attach my smart goals to them, listen to my own soundtrack, repeat my affirmations, the 15 minute sit ( I missed 1). Was it enough? By the standards that I have now set: NO. But I managed to string along some sort of consistency. After I read my DMP and Press Release, and did a sit visualizing these 2 components of my future self I was so excited at what I imagined and believed to by my destination in the future ( Law of Growth). It was a feeling of sheer ecstasy, joy and the true fact that nobody can take away these truths and facts from me. I can now link certain passages from the BPB, GS, DMP, MASTERKEY lessons, POA, 7 DAY MENTAL DIET. All of them being integral parts of the whole. None by themselves can be a stand alone part I can just focus on only. I liken it to being a chemical equation, for example: H2,0. ( 2 parts hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen), Without them being combined together we have no water. What an amazing truth and discovery for me! The other thing that I hold of extreme value is how unconsciously integrating just the passive aspects of these tasks can ultimately become unconscious thoughts and actions woven into the fabric of my everyday life ( the Law of Practice). Substituting a negative thought with some sort of wonderful past experience or visualizing my new reality is just but one of many. All these things can be done effortlessly ( Law of Substitution). Let’s face it, sometimes I might not be able to perform all the certain tasks at hand due to certain situations, but if I am faithful, trusting, and fully engaged at creating a certain demand to subby, anything is possible. Also not looking at how things are, but what they’ll be in the future. Now I’m starting to see the payoff of just doing simple tasks without even thinking about doing them. How small things evolve into bigger things, projects, and subby having no say in these matters at all. Now Subby becomes the servant of my self directed commands. Everything that I’ve expressed in this blog is what I’m discovering about how the Law of Growth operates. It’s one of the immutable Laws of the the universe that only works if I perform the necessary steps. Every step I take whether it be what I think is a step forwards or backwards is a step further into the realm of self discovery. One thing that I know is that the same discoveries that I make while I’m practicing on my craft (I’m a musician: I play guitar and bass) that are accompanied with feelings of joy and wonder and awareness, which evoke an awareness of how much I don’t know what I don’t know, also correlates with my experiences in my fantastic movie about my journey in MKMMA. I didn’t realize I that me experiencing certain feelings and awareness while I was practicing were actually by products of Universal Law. Being an Observer of myself reveals critical information related to my relationship with the Laws of Nature and the Universe The only thing that can stop me are only the limitations I perceive as real.😁

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    1. Thanks Angelica. Every point that you describe from reading my blogs and commenting on them gives me valuable insights that I didn’t think of before. May your journey give you wisdom and growth as well 😀

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  1. It is certainly true we place limitations on ourselves when we view things from ‘time’. The concept of ‘time’ evokes the ideas of lack for sure. I found your blog brought to mind how by changing our perception we can change the way we view ‘limitations’.

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  2. Hi, Allen. I love that you shared your musician’s sensitivity to what you’re also finding in MKE. Thank you. I loved this line of yours, too: “The only thing that can stop me are only the limitations I perceive as real.” This is SUCH a breakthrough for us, right? Thanks for MasterMinding with me.

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