Okay, and Yeah, this ain’t about the movie starring Pat Morita (Karate Kid), and Jay Leno. This is more about the Good 😀Bad 🤬and 😖the Ugly ( and not one of Clint East wood’s flicks, ha…ha..ha… at least I’m trying to be a little humorous), all bumping heads and causing violent collisions 🚕🛺🚙 between one another this week. Now I’m going to start off with the Bad🤬. Now I know I’m not supposed to watch any TV for a week. So What do ya think I did? Well Monday night, I became Rip Van WInkle (you remember him from our reading of the 7 day mental diet), and I took that solemn vow of teetotalism, “just…. let me take an itsy bitsy peek at Monday night football“. I would say maybe about 20 minutes, and at the same time trying to convince myself “oh well this won’t count”. Then all of the sudden I could hear this buzzer 🔊going off in my head telling me, “start over dude”. DAG NABIT, I gotta START over again. Okay so I’m really getting ahead of myself a bit because actually the Ugly😖 took center stage first. This is the reason why I turned into good ole Rip. My collision course went into action over… shall I say a ” disagreement over what the heck is a dreamboard? What are all those shapes about? and is this some sort of scam for money or, do these shapes you have on the wall represent something evil? So what did I do? Lost control of my emotions thus manifesting anger and resentment. I said,” oh no it’s not what you think, you just don’t understand” (then there’s that buzzer 🔊again going off in my head again). Dammit I HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN. After the smoke clears in my head eventually, I realized that I commited a double whammy negative act!!! Now the Good😁: I eventually recounted the events that happened and was actually happy to realize that I’m really becoming an acute observer of myself. I remember reading in the Essay by Emerson, “your weaknesses become your strengths” . Also when I can look at these situations and find humor in them at my expense, it reminds of beads of water running harmlessly down my raincoat and falling to the ground. Now I can see that being totally committed to the 7 day Mental diet, that old me is actually the disruptive force that’s interfering with the new me! I mean when I started on my journey, ( now mind you, I finished the course in it’s entirety before) it was the other way around. My old self represented what I thought was my normal way of thinking.😁 Whew.😲….what an amazing discovery. Forget about how many times you have to start over. It’s about all the major benefits that come out of this seemingly arduous mission. You get an opportunity to clear a path to receive that omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent amazing power of the universe! Of course there are many other benefits that are astounding too, but this revelation just smacked me in the face. I can’t help it, but it just makes my whole body tingle🤸🏽‍♂️ just thinking about this true fact. So it’s like I’m moving up and onwards🚀 looking down at my old self on the ground looking like a small speck getting smaller and smaller. Also as bad as it seemed going through these uneasy set of experiences this week they only served as a launching pad🚀 to dig deeper and deeper and deeper. Whatever I might have been lagging in slightly concerning the exercises, it is of the upmost importance now to execute every nuance of the exercises that will constantly bombard subby. It’s like I have this old closet in my house🏡 that I never got around to cleaning out thoroughly for years. But baby, when I get finished cleaning this closet out, there won’t be one speck of dirt, dust, or grime left. Totally pristine. It’s been quite a long day and all of it being all good. I’m tapped out. Later Folks😀

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14 thoughts on “WEEK 8: COLLISION COURSE

  1. It does appear that if the crunchman keeps growing, growing, growing, his old blueprint will soon be going, going, going, while his new blueprint is ever more glowing, glowing, glowing! 🙂

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    1. Loren…I love your comment! So well said. I agree. Allen, you capture the ups and downs of our MasterMinc experiences of being OBSERVER so powerfully. I loved the image of the raindrops sliding off, especially. You humor is wonderful.

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  2. Sounds so beautiful, your reach for more, your awareness is key, when I was told this, I didnt understand how great that was, until I felt this for your expression, well done Allen!
    Would you like to mastermind? Its ok whatever your response is?

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    1. I totally would love to Master Mind with you. I was wondering whom I could partner up with. I’m sorry I didn’t get to you earlier but if you haven’t gotten someone by now I would truly be honored😀

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      1. I just happened to be responding to comments when I see your response. Thank you. Thats very kind of you.
        It doesn’t matter whether I have, from what I understand, one can mastermind with more than one person.
        I live in South Africa.


  3. I laughed when I read your blog today Yvonne, and I loved the analogy of being an observer of yourself as clearing out a wardrobe that’s been needing it for a long time. I shall take that analogy with me as I continue to clean out my own wardrobe by being an observer of myself. – Great Post!


    1. Thanks for reading my blog.I tried to display the humorous side of me, and also not taking ourselves so seriously at things we experience. It’s okay to laugh at ourselves 🤣👍


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