WEEK 7 has been a week filled with developing the skill of concentration ,attention and concentrated thought. It seems like things are happening in a way that are forcing me to commit to start paving the way to envisioning and living a new reality. The first thing I’m noticing is that I no longer have anything to entice me to deviate from my journey. Since I’m committed to keeping my promises this revelation has put the responsibility squarely on me to be accountable for anything that I do or think about on a daily basis. The 7 day mental diet is forcing me to be accountable for my thoughts and actions. Everytime I feel like I might be losing any momentum I get this uneasy feeling of not giving it 100% effort. To be more specific, I observe everything I do and encounter during the day, how I control my thoughts, what mental and emotional state I’m experiencing at any particular moment. I”m starting to evaluate things differently, and feel the surge of confidence and certainty growing in me, I’m more in control of my belief and confidence of what’s in store for my future self. I’m entering a new world filled with wonders and realities that I never imagined could be attained before. Is it exhausting? sure it is, but it’s totally worth experiencing the process because I know what the payoff will yield. Writing down a plan of action is making me stronger and strengthening my idealization and visualisation and is awakening the power in me that I already possess. It’s truly an amazing journey to discover an amazing fantastic reality created by none other but me and revel in the fact that I know this to be a true scientific and spiritual fact. The Law of Substitution is a very powerful Law that will protects me and empowers me from thinking or dwelling on negative falsehoods that I might consciously accept as being true.

Tonight, as you fall asleep, imagine yourself high up in the sky, far enough away that you can see all of your loved ones.

Then, go ahead and throw some stardust on each and every one of them.

As you give them a dusting, charge it up with love and gratitude and your best wishes for them.

I know life can feel overwhelming at times.

It helps to take the focus off yourself and onto the people you love.

Having those feelings of love and gratitude when thinking of your loved ones, will create a state change in your body and your mind will eventually pick it up as well...
Sending you some magic stardust charged with love and gratitude.

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8 thoughts on “WEEK 7: STAYING IN MOTION

  1. Growing the habit of practicing the ‘Law of Substitution’ is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox. Well done on your blog, I found it to be reflective and helpful for those of us who recognize the importance of substituting negative talk running through the head with that of higher vibrational energy such as positive thoughts or gratitude.


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