Well this week for me has been a week of ratcheting up everything to a different level. Finally, my DMP is close to completion as I’m rounding out the home stretch in which they’re just a few minor adjustments that have to be done. Thank God for my certified guide. They are truly great individuals who have accepted the challenge of giving what they have to others! I’m truly humbled and grateful to have taken this course again and totally get a different perspective about everything this time around. Like the saying goes, “honesty is the best policy” which is really an understatement for me. When I ask myself the question “what’s holding me back from the life I truly desire?” The answers are becoming more clearer now. One thing I know is having complete fidelity to all the exercises is of monumental importance thus making them become a part of my being totally. Staying persistent and focused is of the utmost importance on creating a clear path of sheer bliss and accomplishment that prepares me to be friends with and accept my future self. Yeah there’s still a lot of that competitive nature bubbling inside of me. I had the bad habit of comparing my success to what others measure as being successful, but now that energy and thought has taken on a different positive form of energy that has transformed itself into a challenge for myself to myself and has that same dynamic energy as my competitive and insecure nature. Thus forcing creativity, imagination, poise, concentration, inductive reasoning to the forefront. Now my responsibility lies with claiming them as mine, and choosing them as my constant companions forever. This is truly an “offer I can’t refuse”. Failure no longer is my payment for struggle. Since I completed this course in it’s entirety the first time around, this time’ I can really focus on some of the things with a different consciousness and understanding. HUGE FACTOR. I think that I was unconsciously infected with the dreaded “Red Pencil Syndrome”. Completing the course was an accomplishment. It was neatly tucked away in my mind. I prided myself too much on completing the course because it was a very difficult challenge, and when I got finished, there was this big sigh of relief and accomplishment (“whew I finished, I’m the champ! Yeah!”)…..didn’t realize I was still just tilling the soil and still in the process of creating new furrows to let the new stuff grow and take root forever. Guess what? I’m glad I MADE THAT DISCOVERY. Yeah, with the elections and every other weird stuff going on, I’ve struggled a bit when it comes to having no opinions. Becoming a hermit or recluse won’t mean anything at all…but I know with practice and consistency it will get a whole lot better. It’s good to know that when you are the observer, you can take your weaknesses and make them your strengths. Got my dictionary available as I’m reading Emerson’s’ Law of Compensation. This time around, I think it’s an amazing essay that I need to read over and over. I know that I have to be more active in the community as well as Marco Polo and I here and now am making that promise to do so. There’s nothing better than being involved in a special community of like minded individuals.

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7 thoughts on “WEEK6: WHAT’S NEXT?

  1. i love your introspection, especially this being your 2nd time taking the course. i can see how you can get caught up in just getting things accomplished.the first time arround. Thank you for your insightful blog. I look forward to reading it every week.

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  2. Thanks for that insight. I might have the same tendency of putting a checkmark on something I’ve finished and done so thank you for that insight. I appreciate your experience and your openness to share it with us newbies. Looking forward to your next blog.

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  3. It’s great taking the course again. The person you are doing the course the second time around is a different person from when you did it the first time so there are certainly new realizations and greater understanding achieved. You’re chipping away that what no longer serves you and revealing your truth. Keep it up!


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