This week has been nothing short of nothing but challenges. The problem is they’ve got nothing to do with the course itself. Been swamped with a lot of work that has left me completely exhausted ….but I still managed to keep up with my daily routine of what has to be done in this amazing course. I’m finding a way to integrate a few things by internalizing them so at any portion of the day I can completely remember certain tasks without having to read them. I never thought about doing this before, but I took notice of what it said about commiting to memorizing the whole statement. I’m finding this to be a huge quantum leap for me. It had to be done out of necessity. I’m almost at the point where I no longer I have to schedule a certain time periodt o get certain things done because I can such repeat things out aloud anywhere I choose. The most important thing about this approach is I feel that the material is seeping into my subconscious at a much more accelerated rate and being sent from my frontal lobe through my cerebro-spinalcord and through my vagus nerve straight to my sympathetic system causing it to become flesh so it can be completely absorbed so I can free myself up to concentrate on other things . Done with feeling and gusto I can speak it in a way that’s totally me. I’m focused on doing the same thing eventually with all my index cards. Now it will become a completely natural normal task. Guess what? My old self ain’t gotta chance…ha…ha.. It’s all about what I’m doing right now, in the present, not thinking about what I should have done yesterday nor the next day. Boy AM I really starting to visualize and feel the power I know I possess.

Good morning! ☀️
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