Master Key Experience Week 4 – Wow!!! Mind Blowing Experience!!!

I thought this blog rocked!


It really is amazing how well we were created. Last night’s week 4 webinar was off the charts, mind blowing and it made me seek to get deeper inside myself. I find that I limit myself to knowledge, I notice thoughts, like that’s enough, or what, that can’t be true etc., I got lots of nuggets through the webinar, and they were already mind openers yet I can still sense that I am missing a big part. After the webinar, I am looking for the survey and after I answered the survey, Mark J’s week 3 blog popped up and as I am reading his blog, my first AHA moment came to me. I understand the concept that we are learning yet, I am not having 100% heart and mind transformation. The concept is true yet, I’m not 100% sold to the idea, YET. I’m getting close but there is…

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