Well it’s raining as I’m writing this blog. Dreary day, no sunshine, cool up here in Queens NY. With all of these melancholic observations that I just mentioned, I still got some sunshine inside of me. Boy, what a week. Just when I thought I had everything under control and then…..Wham, “all hands on deck, we’re in emergency survival mode. Ha.. ha..ha.. Everything is converging on me at the same time. Got rehearsal, Online business to manage, miscellaneous errands and chores to do, daily practice, routineBuilding momentum in MMKE. But the most humbling experience out all of this chaos, was MY DMP. It has some pressing issues that need to be straightened out. It got sent back(drum roll………) 3 times!. Now I’m saying to myself…Nah, not me. Not the Great (yeah right) Allen thompson. Nah not the person that finished the course prior to this debacle. Hey there’s got to be a mistake here. Why did I have to change one of my PPN’s from Autonomy to Creative expression? Thank goodness I learned not to take myself too seriously. As I am writing this I can’t help but laugh at myself , I ‘m looking at it as being a good thing and not a negative one. Well this is what I signed up for: to squeeze out every drop of greatness that dwells within me. I know that having that DMP firing on all cylinders is what I call a quantum leap ahead in the right direction when it comes to harnessing all of that power we already possess. So I’m up and running and rearing to go. Nothing’s going to stop me from the path I have chosen. Stay tuned for next week. By ya’ll for now until next week.

When people ask me what I do, I sometimes freeze. I’ve worked on my ‘elevator pitch’ for FOREVER and I’m never happy. 
This morning I jumped out of bed with excitement after only 3 hours of sleep and realized it’s not what I do that matters to me. It’s what happens to the people that hang out with me that does. It’s the before and after faces staring back at me radiant, full of joy, and in their power embodying their ideal selves and crushing it in life. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to co-create experiences with you. #empowerment #inspiration #quotes #quoteoftheday #transformation #lifecoach  #philadelphia #janahealing #phillyhealing #healingarts #phillyarts #soundhealing #meditation #soundbathsundays #harrythehangdrum #hangdrum #spiritualhealing #thewarriorinyou #Lovetheprocess #peace #Love #yoga #namaste #personalgrowth #selfawareness #intuition #wisdom #dowhatyoulove #consciousness

8 thoughts on “WEEK 3: REALITY CHECK

  1. Hey Allen, I love the quote, post and the determination to stay on the chosen path. It is what we do that pushes the needle and gets us closer to our goals (So true). Cool to connect with a fellow New Yorker. I used to live in Queens – Rosedale. Gave up the snow cold weather for Georgia Weather.

    ‘Stay Blessed

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