Week 2 was a feeling of being back to normal. Last week was challenging because I didn’t feel that well so I think that my thoughts at times were a little scattered. I think I caught some allergy or cold bug. I loved being back in the Digital Connections part of the course. One of the reasons I’m taking the course again is because I want to discover more hidden secrets that I think need to be discovered. Coming back again with a different consciousness is already causing a major rift in my mind. The Law of Dual Thought I thought was very interesting. Having the power to attach any feeling or any thought. I CAN choose the way I want to feel all the time. As that really sank into my mind, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Concentrated thought with feeling is real power. Boy , what kind of power I possess and am aware of. It is truly astounding. Now the one thing that astounded me the most was me checking my wordpress blog site to see if everything was OK. I was truly astounded at the transformation from the inside of myself as every week provided evidence of a growth I really didn’t observe at the time I wrote them. I was so engaged in doing the work, and creating a state of momentum , that I just kept it “moving”. Well this was the first time I looked at my blogs in over a year plus!. I actually thought I was reading someone else’s BLOG!??. “Nah this is definitely someone else’s.” I actually started fact checking myself to see if it was really me. Yeah it was. The tears started to well up in my eyes as I started to cry and I felt this wonderful feeling just come all over me. That higher self of myself was their in plain sight!. That’s when I truly realized that I have something great in me that no one can take away. So as I wrap this blog up, I’m so grateful and thankful that I have desire to want to discover more about myself and get inspired by reading other folk’s blogs. It’s so exciting. 5-4-3-2-1……..liftoff!

I hope everyone has a magical day! 💫
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