Observing true nature (MKE week 24)

Laura’s posts are very insightful and inspiring. They are written in opulent beauty as she describes her ascension into her true self.

It’s the last week of our 6 month course, the Master Key Experience (MKE) and Mastermind Group!

So sad for the course to end, but many of us will be in touch, many of us will continue to mastermind with each other, and many of us will continue to be involved with the experience and with next year’s experience.

The readings, the webinars, the lessons, the homework, the habits we’ve developed, the mastermind groups, the mastermind partners, the founders of the MKE, the guides… all the learning and positivity that has been packed into 6 months has been nothing short of AMAZING.

It is difficult to explain. Now I understand why when I watched those videos early on of people saying this experience is “life changing” — now I understand what they were talking about — even though I can’t express it in any compact way.

This has been LIFE…

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