Well here I am getting back on track. I quickly found out how easy it is to get off track even if it is only for a month or so. I am a lifetime member and last year was truly an experience that I won’t forget. I truly recommend taking this course because it has helped me through leaps and bounds. One thing that I realize is that this years course has some significant changes in which I am pleasantly surprised to see. One thing I realized is that it is a never-ending journey to push oneself to a higher level of personal growth and reaching towards one’s higher self. Trust me there’s always new frontiers to discover. I had been struggling with myself when it came to taking the course again. Things was saying like,” I finished the course in its entirety, boy was that an accomplishment!” As things are starting to materialize,it was then that discovered that my old blueprint was still lurking around waiting to get a chance to re-emerge. I realized that in no way am I going to let that happen. Too much hard work was put in last year. So now I humble myself and right the ship that I am currently navigating. As I am writing this I feel the spark of my higher self seeping back in. Mark J said that taking the course again for a lot of folks works wonders. I can’t help but think how this year will turn out, having completed the course last year! So now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and GET BUSY. I am now engaged in catching up with my requirements, so here we go!


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