Week 21 has been a week of understanding the great power that we all possess and learning how to use that power at anytime we wish. In the blueprint builder that I read every morning, in the 5th paragraph there’s a sentence that says: I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. As I have traversed through this course I have realized how powerful that statement that I’ve been reading for 5 months is. On one particular occasion while was doing my sit, I was experiencing a nervous spasm that I had in one of my shoulders. Through sheer concentration,  I made the spasm go away while I was doing my sit! I was fascinated by this experience because it showed me that I have command over my body! Before this incident, I would usually have to just ride the spasm out until it stopped. I’m in the process right now of taking the 5 deadly habits ( Fear, Unworthiness, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings) and using these things as tools to my advantage! Wow! Talk about taking your weaknesses and turning them into your strengths! Using these negative attributes as a motivational tool is awesome. I know it works because I had no choice but to use this method when I started out playing Guitar.

When I first started playing, I started out playing the bass guitar. It seemed like it was the instrument that I was supposed to play. Everyone else agreed to that fact also. But just seemed that there was always a guitar lying around when I visited my friends. I was inexplicably drawn to that instrument. When I switched to guitar a lot of people were shocked. Not only that, I’m left-handed but I play right-handed. All I heard was, ” You made a big mistake by switching by over to guitar”, or ” you’ll never be any good”. I used all these statements as motivational tools. Everytime I would get discouraged when it came to a learning curve, I just thought of all those disparaging remarks and just buckled down and intensified my efforts. What I didn’t realize I was doing was using Fear, Unworthiness, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Guilt, as tools to propel me to My Chief Aim which was being a Guitar Player. I now realize that I refused to believe that any of these things had any merit in them. As far I was concerned, they were all things that didn’t exist.

Now since I accomplished that feat, I get even more excited because I know that I possess a Universal Power at my command anytime I which to use it. In other words: My Wish Is MY COMMAND. Anytime I feel any negative bias I think of the monkey with his hand in the jar holding a banana and refusing to let it go thus keeping his hand in the jar. Every day is a day of unfolding mysteries and letting go of anything that I don’t need. As I continue this process of chipping away the cement, I’m learning how to do it happily with excitement and wonder. Looking at all of us as being as one on this planet enforces the reason why serving others is huge. I will always be looking at the world within instead of the world without.




One thought on “WEEK 21: BEING IN COMMAND

  1. The Blue Print Builder is still one of my favorites to read at night. And I love the line you quoted. There a real visceral pleasure that I feel when I read that line.

    Allen, there’s really nothing you can’t accomplish, if you’ve chosen it and set your mind to it. The story of learning to play the guitar is a powerful reminder of this fact. 🙂


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