This week has been presenting itself with all kinds of moments of connectivity for me. I found myself reflecting back when I was in elementary school. For instance, when I would get my report card, how I was graded on how I absorbed and carried out all the things that were taught to me, my attendance, my attentiveness towards the teacher while she was teaching, and how I interacted with my fellow classmates. Since we are taught to excel in our studies and make sure when we take a test, our success is predicated on us not submitting too many wrong answers. Failure is unacceptable. Get good grades and you’ll be successful in life. All through our lives we live by this doctrine and conform to these concepts. They are inforced by our parents ( even though they have good intentions), peer pressure, and society. We start adapting ourselves to be like everyone else: go with the Law of averages, go with the flow. I might not have the exact words quoted here but, Earl Nightingale said: Conformity is one of the biggest reasons why a lot people never live out their dreams. That thing that I would always see on report card: HOW  I got along with my classmates never resonated that much until now. Success actually hinges on your willingness to serve others. Now that’s one thing that I came to an understanding with, and connected those dots.

This course has made me so much aware of many things, that it’s starting to feel uncanny. I was searching for something on Netflix, and Lo and behold I found this show called Inn Saei: The Power of Intuition. Now what this program talks about is exactly what we are learning and implementing, with one exception: the tools that we have at our disposal and how to actually use them are superior to anything else I’ve seen! More and More professors, and scientist are talking about the small percentage of our brain we actually use! What is being noticed now is how society has steered people to use only 2% of our brain (left side) which is our conscious part: logic, facts, knowledge of only the things that we’ve been taught. The other part of our brain, the subconscious, (right side) comprises, get this, a whopping 98% of our brain. This part of the brain comprises the imagination, creativity, awareness of nature, emotion, what’s around us, intuition. These are all the things that are of a divine spiritual nature. They say that this why people continue to do the same things and keep getting the same results. Remember I didn’t say this from a theoretical conclusion that I came up with, this is scientific fact!  I feel privileged to be one of the few that get it. It is also was said that the one that realizes, and learns to possess these qualities has a distinct advantage over controlling what they want out of life as opposed to the other percentage of the people who never come to this realization.

I have recordings on a topic called, Your Wish is Your Command, by Kevin Trudeau. Since I am MKMMA student, I made another connection with his recordings and this course: I am the Genie of Aladdin’s Lamp. I started listening to these recordings 3 yrs ago, along with think and grow rich. What I started to see was the uncanny connection all 3 have in common. MKMMA is the glue because it shows the daily process that must be applied in order to get a true understanding of the 2 afore-mentioned. The light bulb immediately came on when I read in Think and Grow Rich, you must master all the virtues that one is required to master. Each one is not effective without the other.  Now, I take the palm of my hand and slap it on my forehead and marvel at how I’m really starting to connect the dots. It might seem like I might be one of those folks that might be coerced into saying these things, and being biased because I’m in this fantastic course because it seems like I’m saying all the right things, or yeah he’s saying this because he wants to show that he’s a committed trooper, but this real and from the heart. You know how it is when you witness something fantastic and you just can’t keep your mouth closed? Well this is it.

Now for my last connection that I made. One of our assignments was to watch a movie of our own choice, and point out the habits that are ingredients for success: DMP (Definite Major Purpose), PMA (Positive Mental

attitude) POA (Plan of Action), MMA (Mastermind Alliance). I didn’t have a clue at first as to what I was going to watch. Let’s talk about the Superbowl for a moment. Now my team, aka: The Giants weren’t in this years final game, so I was asked if I was going to watch the Superbowl. I said that I would, so I started watching the game and couldn’t believe how the Patriots were being outplayed in the first half. Even though I’m not a Tom Brady fan (because they always crush the competition in the AFC east division), I had grown to sense of admiration and respect for what Tom went through on his way to becoming the great Quarterback that he is (did I really say that?). After that 1st half I was almost convinced that the Patriots had no chance. But I kept saying to myself, ” they are the AFC champions. They didn’t get this far to fail”. Well as we all know now, the rest is history. That game seemed like a microcosm of what kind of journey that I’m on. It put on display all the unseen forces that come into play that are at anybody’s fingertips if they have the courage to realize the power they have, the courage to use it, and claiming it. So I know that I’ll always be connecting the dots…..


2 thoughts on “WEEK 19: CONNECTING THE DOTS…..

  1. Awesome connecting the dots, Allen. “Inn Saei: The Power of Intuition” sounds interesting, I’ll have to look that up.

    The awareness that our genius, or genii, lays in the larger mind/brain is huge!!! It’s like walking out of Plato’s Cave. 🙂

    Whole new life vistas open up …


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