Well week 16 has been a week of observing acts of kindness and performing acts of kindness. Through most of my life, I ‘ve always been observing acts of kindness and performing them as well, but I’ve never observed how this could have a compounding and creative effect when it comes to creating a different environment and atmosphere for me. It actually creates a shield of Positivity that protects me from the forces of negativity that constantly exist in the Spiritual as well as the Physical realm. It is putting me in a better position to become the receiver of the gifts, hopes and desires that I yearn for in life because I am giving and sharing. I am in the Dynamic flow of giving and receiving. Give more, get more. It is the catalyst that I believe strengthens all the other virtues that must be perfected in order to have A Definite Major Purpose Manifest itself into The World Without.

Success does come with a price tag though. I believe that it is better to pay that price now than pay the price of failure later. As I aspire to reach my higher self and develop more awareness about myself and my current environment, creating a different atmosphere first by thought, then by the words to express those thoughts, are things that are challenged everyday sometimes by the people closet to you. I know that by visualizing and imagining a harmonious atmosphere in my mind and creating a clear mental picture of what I desire, will present the right people and situations that will come seeking me (it has already started). The fact that through performing acts of kindness and creating a consciousness of harmony and happiness supersedes any thought of lack or limitation, distress or anxiety is a HUGE fact to be realized. Being of service to someone or something much bigger than yourself is a key to success in anything you desire. When I thought about taking this course way back in the beginning, the biggest apprehension I had about it was, how would it affect others by having the courage to change things in my life and stand tall in the process. By facing these challenges it has shown me that my faith, belief, and perseverance, and the discovery that there are other people that have the same or more challenges than myself seeking the same things is quite a humbling but fantastic experience. The simple fact of giving more to get more, acts of Kindness, The 7 Laws of the mind, Og Mandino, flash cards, 15 minute sit, Masterkey Lessons, is opening up a bridge that’s creating a powerful connection to a divine source that no one or thing can take away from me which is priceless. Becoming a Self-Reliant and successful person forever is worth the struggle. Every new discovery each day creates a feeling of joy, excitement, and accomplishment. New neural pathways are forming in our brains and creating cells to receive all these new beliefs and habits that we form. How many people are lucky enough to experience that?

Now it might seem like I’m moving from one thing to another but there is a correlation between everything here that I’m saying. CREATING A DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE in relation to what you think about  most of the time is vital. There were 3 movies I saw that exemplified these things. They were Rudy, Cool Runnings, and Joy. Rudy was about a person who held a dream since he was a child of Playing football at Notre Dame. Although he was undersized and had dyslexia, he never gave up on his dream. He had a Definite Major Purpose (DMP), Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), Plan Of Action (POA), and a Mastermind Alliance (MMA). Cool Runnings was about a 4 Jamaicans who dreamed of being bobsledders in the Olympics who employed these 4 things. Joy was about a woman who made QVC, and HSN what it is today Her dream started out as a child too. She too employed these 4 things. All these people I mentioned started out by creating an atmosphere in their minds first and never wavering from what they wanted. They all performed acts of kindness too. If you don’t believe me then watch these movies for yourself and closely observe what I’m saying. Give more, get more is seen throughout all of these movies.








  1. I’m really liking this connection you’re making here about your environment, when you say, “creates a shield of Positivity that protects me from the forces of negativity”, and about the compounding affect of kindness in process and in your inner and outer atmosphere.

    I liked all three of those movies, too. Joy was awesome.

    Great Joy to you and yours Allen. 🙂


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