Week 15 was a week laden with all kinds of circumstances and situations from highs to lows. I’ll start off with the Low points first and then modulate to the High points. As I move forward in this course, I’m noticing how much negativity is so prevalent in folks lives, without them totally being aware of the fact that they are consumed in a negativity bias atmosphere unconsciously. One thing that this course will do in subtile ways is automatically make you pay attention to the smallest detail in anything you observe or do. My dream board along with the shapes and colors that are posted on the wall have come under attack again with family members wondering, ” okay, when is he going to jump off the cliff? I can’t see anything that you’re doing that has any relevance to these pictures that I see on the wall, and by they way, whats up with the shapes and these colors? They all seem so childlike, you’ve been at it now for a while!” As I’m writing this, I have a smile on my face because I realize that they can see the persistence that I possess and they can sense that I’m not giving up or giving in to what anybody says or thinks. Since I perform it everyday, I have become a slave to good habits.

Last week, I was down and out with the flu. A 102 degree temperature was what I had. I don’t know how I did it, but I still managed to write a blog, read the Greatest Salesman ( although I couldn’t read it for a couple of days due to my illness), and struggled to,perform my service for that week. When I finished my service for that week, I got a feeling of accomplishment that was so strong that I was amazed! I really paid attention to the way I felt and I was still sick! As I felt better, this feeling came over me to concentrate more, pay more attention to detail because I believe that recognition and discovery start to come at a much more rapid pace once you have integrated Attention and Concentration. Certain aspects of my DMP are starting to manifest themselves but others need more of my concentration and more attention to detail because what I constantly think about is mine already, I have already claimed them. It is that simple saying in the bible that says,”Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray believe that ye received them and ye shall have them”. Knowledge does not apply itself: we as individuals must make the application , and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose . To believe that gives me a sense of power and confidence. Just think, nobody can stop you but you. When you actually believe and know this for a fact it is Huge. Since I’m feeling better, my vitality has doubled, burning desire, tripled. My Attention and Concentration levels have moved up a notch. Was my illness actually a blessing in disguise? I’m still trying to figure that one out. All I can say is I’m definitely feeling like a new man with a new life. Insight is eking its way out like the first rays of the Sun in the morning.

By the way there is something else that’s going on I’m paying close attention to.                                                                                                              I’m studying music with a friend of mine who is a fantastic musician and person. We mastermind about the mind and the spiritual nature that man must possess in order for him to live a life to prosperity and abundance. I was astonished to find out that he had read Think and Grow Rich over 20 years ago! It was like talking to a certified guide! Everything that I have studied so far in this course he unknowing  pointed out: his thought process, his  behavioural process, mental attitude and the most important thing: applying the knowledge he possessed into his daily life, along with other factual information that he enlightened me to. He pointed out to me how important it was to put an emphasis on Attention and Concentration. I never knew how powerful the musical ability I possess was until he stated that through the proper learning procedures the brain can actually form new cells when Attention and Concentration are done correctly and are accompanied with a positive feeling along with belief and faith. This is one of the things that makes our minds more receptive to new thoughts and ideas. I was so grateful to listen to him talk about persistence, faith, belief, positive mental attitude, and how he eliminated fear! These were just some of the things he had to overcome in order to be experience success in his life. He is my friend and living proof that anybody can succeed in life with the knowledge of the right methods that free you from any limitations, fear, and bad habits.

Since I now put a greater emphasis on Attention and Concentration, I expect more doors to open.



  1. I loved reading this:
    “As I’m writing this, I have a smile on my face because I realize that they can see the persistence that I possess and they can sense that I’m not giving up or giving in to what anybody says or thinks. Since I perform it everyday, I have become a slave to good habits.”

    Yaay!!!! Cause for celebration, Woo Hoo, Dinny doing a happy dance. 🙂

    I’m so excited to hear that you have found another musician to mastermind with that shares an understanding of these principles. There are so many wonderful gifts that come with music. It’s like Christmas everyday!!!!

    Belate Merry Christmas, Allen. And a super magnificent 2017, filled to the brim with wonderful moments, days, weeks, …. blessings abounding all around you!


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