Week 14 has been  a difficult week for me. As I am writing this blog, I have the flu and have been bedridden for most of the week. This blog will be very short because I’m still very sick, but I still managed to do my sit for a few days as well as my daily readings. My habit for creating a new identity is so strong that I thought I was superman before I finally succumbed to my illness. I managed to constantly put more effort and concentration on thinking of nothing but harmony. Reading my index cards has provided a spark in the way I feel everyday. Every movie I see is seen from a different perspective. I now concentrate on the 4 tiny habits of persistence. I listened to Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret. I think that’s a must for anyone who wants to change their life. Well that’s about it for now until next week



  1. ugh…. I know what you mean, I’ve been sick this past week, too.

    It’s okay to slow down, rest up, and take care of your body.

    I enjoy listening to The Strangest Secret, too. 🙂

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