Week 9 – Manifesting Our Sofa

What we don’t use truly atrophies. Masterkey Experience

Edina - Master Key

In this week’s lesson Haanel gives us the exercise of visualizing a plant from unseen to seen. And he describes the process of the visualization exercise in precise detail in 9.32.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about manifestation, the process of making something evident, or perceptible, especially to our five senses.

Perhaps the best description I’ve ever come across of the manifestation process can be found in Machaelle Small Wright’s book, Co-Creative Science, A Revolution in Science Providing Real Solutions For Today’s Health & Environment. (pages 95 through 102)

Machaelle pioneered a way to work with what she calls Nature Intelligence in co-creating and manifesting.

She describes three dynamics to manifestation. Like Haanel, she emphasizes the high level of focus, the intensity of focus, required to manifest.

Clarity of thought and visualization were key”, she says. They are the foundation of manifestation in the first dynamic…

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