Week 9. Thanksgiving, uh-oh stay focused. I got a chance to really see how far I’ve come from week 1 up to now. This Thanksgiving was a far cry from last year’s one. Every week I’ve turned up the intensity of being faithful to this course with a belief that this will be one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life, and the rewards are starting to manifest themselves from small things to big things. In last’s week blog, I stated that a wonderful opportunity dropped itself right into my lap. I didn’t have the capital to take advantage, and I was for a moment disappointed. I quickly got back on track and continued on with my exercises and constantly looked in the mirror and told myself that some solution would come to pass and do not entertain any negative thoughts. Well this past Tuesday, I get a call from one of my mentors stating that they would help me with the costs that came with this opportunity and I could pay them back later! Huge! I couldn’t believe it! I could feel tears of joy roll down my face as I sat down and realized what just happened. Every circumstance that seems like a roadblock is being overcome by  ideas that are mysteriously popping up in my mind. Consciously working daily on the 7 day Mental Diet linked with reading scroll 9 in The Greatest Salesman, Masterkey Blueprint builder, has opened up a door of living life with a purpose on purpose.  In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about a funny cartoon called Going Down, starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. Sam couldn’t have any negative thoughts or outbursts in order to collect his million dollar inheritance. In the very end Sam demonstrates how he has learned how to control his negative emotions and thoughts by presenting three gentlemen in front of Bugs. The first guy hits him with a rolling-pin, the next, a pie thrown in his face, and the last one constantly kicking him. He looks at Bugs Bunny and says with a smile, “see rabbit, I don’t get mad anymore”. This best describes how I now feel. The atmosphere at home is more harmonious. During all of the confusion that occurred while doing my Thanksgiving shopping, everyone that I encountered I greeted with a smile and a compliment, and was promptly greeted with a smile. I immediately remembered that these were the same things taught to me as a child that somehow got buried by the cement that I acquired through the years. I was totally astonished! Even Murphy ( Murphy’s Law) couldn’t rattle me. If something unexpectedly happened, ( oops, I inadvertently damaged one of the meat trays in the refrigerator! Got a lot of grief from the boss: My fiancée), along with other things that made me look like a bull in a china shop, were all dealt with in a positive way. Now each day is greeted with some new discovery, or what” good thing” is going to happen today as opposed to what “wrong thing” is going to happen today. Well that’s all for now, because I’ve got to jump on the Service that I promised to perform before the 29th of this month. Life is beautiful. I’m starting to gain momentum.


7 thoughts on “WEEK 9 FAITH AND BELIEF

  1. It’s a joy to check in on your blog posts every week and celebrate with you your journey with the MKMMA and also how you are designing and building a life that works for you! ❤

    Great inner shift in thinking, "Now each day is greeted with some new discovery, or what” good thing” is going to happen today as opposed to what “wrong thing” is going to happen today."

    Super Kudos!!! 🙂


      1. Your Welcome Allen. I’ve been thinking about this. I consider us to be of equal stature. I’ve been writing in a journal, reading books, and applying spiritual principles for a very long time, but I do not know how to play a single musical instrument. You do.

        Each of us, are gifts to each other, simply by being our best selves. You give much, and I hope you see it. I’m very happy to have met you through MKMMA. 🙂


  2. “Every circumstance that seems like a roadblock is being overcome by ideas that are mysteriously popping up in my mind.” This is great… I am having similar experiences and actually what I have thought was a roadblock has turned out to be a bridge that got me farther than I was planning to go.


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