Well week 7 has definitely been a week of challenge. It’s like being on an expressway where the flow of traffic (my thoughts and habits) are moving at 50 mph within a 65 mph speed limit zone. Everything is moving at a respectable speed, but not exceeding the speed limit. All of the sudden I see my exit sign: WEEK 7. As I take the off ramp exit to WK 7, the traffic (my thoughts and habits) start to slow down dramatically.  The flow of traffic becomes condensed. It’s still moving but at a slower pace. Once I get off of this off ramp and continue on WK 7, the flow of traffic becomes much better after a while with me moving up to 60 mph within a 70 mph speed limit. NO OPINIONS, AND THE 7 DAY MENTAL DIET (major construction sites) are the culprits for the reduction of speed while I was on the off ramp. While I’m practicng having no opinions, I think about the unfortunate barber in Greek Mythology who discovered that King Midas had donkey ears and could tell no one what he saw. What a burden he must have carried! Major obstacle to overcome. I got a glimpse of what it would be like at least for almost one day, how I would think and feel. OUT OF THIS WORLD! Positive thoughts and ideas seemed to have an endless flow, then all of a sudden, screech, a negative thought, got to start over again. Sometimes I feel that if I were to just go off to a deserted island and just meditate for the complete 7 days it would be no problem. Unfortunately I have to come back to reality and realize this is the REAL WORLD that I’m dealing with. It’s a good thing that I’m really getting into the habit of laughing at myself and not taking me too seriously. No negative thoughts or emotional displays…….hmmm, how do I complete this challenge? Well I remembered this cartoon with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam called Going Down. Now some cartoons might seem like nothing more than just entertainment for children, but under a closer examination of this one, there’s still an underlying theme that is really present: how hard it is to do the mental labor that so few are willing to do. Bugs (7 day mental diet) tells Sam (me) that he is the heir to $1,000,000 (control of my thoughts, feelings, behavior=I can be what I will to be= I have the Midas touch with anything that I set out to do and complete.) left behind by a deceased rich relative. Yosemite Sam (me) gets very excited when he hears this news. But there’s one very important stipulation: in order to obtain these riches he (me) can’t have any negative thoughts or outbursts. Well Sam (me) says to himself, ” this can’t be too hard”, and agrees to the terms. As the cartoon progresses, Bugs starts peppering Sam (me) constantly with all kinds of annoyances ( life’s everyday thoughts and situations) to undermine his chances of obtaining that $1,000,000. When I think about this cartoon, (Law of dual thought) I laugh and it’s makes things more enjoyable for me and keeps me in a positive flow. I don’t watch or listen to anything that might incur a negative response. Is this easy? By no Wayyyyyy…….., but when this is accomplished, the payback is Huge. I’m

getting a clearer understanding of what Haanel means when he says,” Labor, the hard mental labor of change. The kind of effort that so few are willing to put forth”. This where faith, feelings and belief come into play, it is these things that strengthen an individual. I have to do what Aaron Rogers told folks: RELAX


4 thoughts on “WEEK 7: THE CHALLENGE

  1. I’m enjoying your sense of humor and the imagery you’re using as you persistently focus on the 7 Day Mental Diet. The more you practice, the better you’ll get!!!

    Imagine all the service you are doing for yourself and how it becomes a continuing gift to every one you meet.

    It’s true! Life Is Beautiful! 🙂

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