Well week 6 has been a week of really putting the pedal to the metal. Why with so many things to do during the course of just 1 day, I’m starting to feel the pressure of performing all of the tasks of MKMMA at my BEST, not doing the best I can, but putting 100% effort in everything I do, along with everything else I have to do ( sometimes I feel like I have to pull a rabbit out of my hat aka…. Rocky and Bullwinkle). Now when I started this course, I said to myself, ” I want a better, different life than the one I have”. With that being said, it meant that all of the certain things that I made a promise to commit to finish, I have to hold myself accountable for what I promised. I observed that I was still so used to life continuing the way it always had been, but I’m finding out when things start to change even slowly at first that things do change. You know there are some songs we hear that have some fantastic lyrics that resonate in us and make us really accept that what we’re hearing is the real deal when it comes to issues that we inevitably have to deal with. One particular one that really hit home for me while I was sitting thinking about what I would write in this blog is called Everything Must Change. There were a few truths that really made me sit back and think. “Everything must change, nothing stays the same, mystery’s to unfold. Winter changes to Spring, it’s the Law of Time, everything must change. I feel really happy that things are changing but sometimes I feel like a New York City (I live in NY) subway commuter stuck in the evening rush hour. I can barely move because it’s so crowded. Everytime the train pulls into another station I patiently wait to see if anyone gets off so the congestion in the train starts to dissipate. When it eventually does start to clear out, I start to relax and if I’m lucky I might get a seat. I can see my old self with its arms crossed, tapping their feet on the ground (you know that disgusted look, and posture your parents had when they just had enough of your shenanigans), saying to me, “really? This is getting ridiculous, I like it better the way it was”. I’m starting see things differently, there’s more harmony at home. The old jokester in me is back ( much to the chagrin of some family members because I can wear out a joke until it’s not funny, but it is what it is). So the subway thing is pretty much in a nutshell how I’m dealing with all this new stuff going on. Practice, enjoy…..Practice, enjoy. Oh, by the way, I’M STILL LOVING IT.277971-don-t-look-back-you-re-not-going-that-way



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