Week 5 has been a week of major shifts. Now what at first seemed to be assignments in the beginning, my 15 minute sit, reading Og Mandino, DMP, Masterkey lessons, Blueprint builder, index cards (seemed like a lot), are now routine things that are being carried out automatically. Touching up things with paint like the windowsills , radiator covers, mopping the floors, etc…, are things that I do without giving it a second thought. I actually enjoy doing some thing that benefit me as well as others! The problem that I might have soon is me running out of the things to pencil in on my index card when it comes to picking out a service to complete for that week. I will always be a fan of cartoons. You know, the way that they satirize different things and people. Well, can you remember watching a cartoon and you see someone thinking about something and this little cloud appears over their head and you can actually see what they’re thinking about? Well picture that someone being me and what’s in that cloud above my head is a little me constantly saying….. DO IT NOW… DO IT NOW…..  DO IT NOW…. well, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone that knew me came over and checked my pulse and asked me “is everything’s okay”? Even my typing is getting better (ha..ha..ha..). My ability to laugh at myself and not take me seriously all the time is a major shift. I’m always finding humor in a lot of things that other people take seriously. Is this course a challenge? HECK YES IT IS. But I feel so grateful to be involved in something so life changing as this. This is my second time around in MKMMA and there are not enough superlatives that I can give that will express how I feel. ‘Burning Desire….set my soul on fire…..hotter than an electric chair” (lyrics. aka.. Jimi Hendrix). I’m seeing how I’ve compartmentalized everything that I do. Certainty is replacing uncertainty. Enthusiasm is the catalyst now. Now that’s not to say that there’s still no hiccups or bumps in the road because there are, but I’m facing them with a new vigor that I haven’t had in quite sometime. I see what I need to improve, and now since I know what it is that needs improving, I can go right to work and start fixing those issues. What a relief (whew). That’s when the discovery takes place! Now I remember telling one of my friends some time ago, that if I had to struggle for a few months to make things change in my life, then it would be well worth the effort. I got my wish.



  1. It’s so funny, I really like the Do It Now exercise. At first I felt awkward saying it out loud. But after one or two times, it became fun. Re: Jimi Hendrix, burning desire… he knew a lot about things, didn’t he?


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