278318-find-your-own-sunshineWeek 4 has been a week of ups and downs. Keeping the Main thing “The Main THING’ has been the challenge of this week. Taking one day at a time has been the main thing for me. What I am starting to observe about myself is the terrific battle of wills going on between the old blueprint and the new one. Learning new things about networking from Mark’s Go 90 Grow free network marketing skills videos ( best thing I’ve seen on the planet), learning new things on the guitar, giving a 100 percent in the MKMMA experience seems like a daunting task at times. It seems like the more I discover, the less I actually know. To some folks that are on the outside peeping in, they really have no idea the amount of effort it really takes to change and eliminate certain habits, and thoughts (WHEW). It’s the changes that occur in the world within that nobody sees until they manifest themselves into the world without. Sometimes at the end of the day, I’m mentally exhausted.

I’m so involved in what I’m doing that sometimes I’ll put a pot of whatever at the time I’m preparing on the stove to cook and forget about it! Once I do my final study at night, I’m so pumped up it takes me about 30 minutes before I can go to sleep. The old blueprint is constantly telling me, “how are you going to accomplish all of this?” That’s when I smile and tell myself this is all a part of the ascension to greatness. I immediately shift my thoughts and focus on being the person I intend to be, and it strengthens and comforts me. When I get anxious, or annoyed at something somebody says or does, now I quickly observe how I react and quickly shift my energy and thoughts to something positive. To me this a big victory because I can keep a clear head and stay focused on what I must accomplish. I see the big importance of constantly telling myself, “I can be what I will to be.” I’m forming that bridge to that Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient power that we all have inside of us that is in the Universe. It’s a great feeling to start noticing how I’m consciously starting to get into the habit of controlling myself mentally and emotionally. Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. So now I know that I will always be the student in this beautiful experience we all call life.



  1. This all reminds me of a ride called tilt a wheel or round up.
    The spinning circular cage with the floor that disappears and you are essentially held in place by centrifugal force as much or more than a strap around your body that attaches to the side of the cage😀😈❤️
    Loving it, yet unable to entirely dismiss thoughts of “what if?”


    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s good to know that they’re awesome folks expressing the growing pains that we all are experiencing. I feel like we’re one big family undertaking this journey together.


  2. Perfect practice Prevents Poor Performance! LOVE, LOVE that – and I know I have heard it before, but – this clicks!! Good for you!! It CAN be exhausting – SOME people find the challenge exhilarating!! Keep on keeping on!!


  3. It exciting to hear all the new things you’re learning all at once! You deserve all the sunshine you are creating for yourself. I’m happy to share a part of this journey with you, Allen.


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