Well this 1st week has totally been a week of orientation and adjustment. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to school. The big difference here is that there’s no Teacher at the head of the classroom assigning you homework or teaching you something on the black board. No classmates sitting beside you. No bell or buzzer letting you know that it’s time to go to your next class or lunch. No anticipation of finishing your classes at the end of the day and going home. It’s pretty much been an all day into the night of study and observation for me until I hit the sack. It’s been an intense effort to readjust and implement this course into my daily life. But I’m Loving it! It’s like being in a boxing match and if it’s fifteen rounds as soon as the bell rings to start the 1st round  of the match you come out swinging and size your opponent up from that first round all the way to the fifteenth round with the expectation that you are going to be the victor. By the way, the opponent that I’m referring to is my old self. I see the importance to making up a schedule and committing to it. Is it easy? By no means is it. I never realized how time-consuming it can be just getting things set up. My DMP, reading the Greatest Salesman in the World, writing out my Blueprint builder, even this blog that I’m writing. I’m a musician, and network marketer, gotta spend time with the family, rehearsals’, practice time, making calls, on and on. It takes a lot of sitting down and putting everything into perspective as to how you’re going to make this whole thing work. Boy, now that’s a challenge within itself. I’m quickly learning how to really use my time wisely and what’s more important at that moment. I like watching Football. Baseball is about to swing into the postseason. Guess what? I don’t have time to watch any of those things in their entirety. No joke, this takes a lot of effort and it certainly has not been smooth sailing, but I’m looking at the bigger picture ( discovering the greatness that all of us have within ourselves, and our true purpose in life) and that’s what this is all about for me at the beginning of this heroic journey.


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