WK 4 The Genie in the bottle

Well it’s week 4, and as the clouds of the old blueprint are still prevalent, there are major cracks forming where I can see rays of sunlight shimmering through. I am actually seeing, feeling and hearing happiness, belief, thought, imagination, creativity, floating down a stream in my mind. I don’t intend to sound like I lost my mind but in a sense I am doing just that. I woke up this morning and lo and behold, my old blue print said “good morning, hey isn’t this such a great cloudy day”. Well I promptly disagreed, and the strangest thing happened. I could actually feel my mind physically take a shift in the direction of my new self and  all the sudden I saw the beauty of the sun shinning through  saying to me “yes it a great sunny day!” I’m starting to see the power that we have within ourselves that is truly amazing. I like to refer to it as the Genie in the bottle. Our wish is our command. Our minds are that magical lamp, and all we have to do is learn how to rub that Aladdin’s Lamp ( OUR MINDS) with the right thoughts with feeling, and through our practicing of good habits,  we have access to that power that is infinite (wow did I actually say that?). I have read other people’s blogs and they are truly inspiring to me. I can certainly relate to the issues that they honestly express and I feel truly honored to be involved in a program that has very bright people in it. I can see how they are discovering their own “Genies in a bottle, and it is so awe-inspiring. For me self- discovery is so exciting. It’s like getting that gift at Christmas and experiencing those wonderful feelings at that moment. Well I’m done for now…..until next week.


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