Hi again,

Well it’s week 3 and I’m really feeling the heat, but the clouds are starting to disperse somewhat. You remember that movie the Clash of the Titans? Perseus represented the new way mortals started to depend more on themselves instead of relying on the Gods to help them out of their situations that they dealt with. When mortals realized that they had the power to find solutions to their various problems and stopped worshiping the Gods, the Gods eventually faded away. That’s the scenario that I’m facing right now. Because of new frontiers that are being realized by the new blueprint (Perseus). The old blueprint (the Gods) ain’t going down without putting up a titanic battle. The good thing is that the old blueprint is starting to realize that the change is inevitable. Through my persistent and conscientious efforts of controlling my thoughts, and performing the tasks that are required, I’m seeing a shift in the things I do automatically from day to day. I know that I’m just scratching the surface, but it feels good to observe subtle things changing each day that start having a compounding effect as each day passes by. I feel like Odysseus who after the Trojan War encountered a 20 year odyssey before he reached home and experienced a harmonious successful life there after. So I’m done for now…..oh by the way, I am committed to keeping my promises.


One thought on “WEEK 3: CLASH OF THE TITANS

  1. Thank you for taking a look at my blog. I totally agree with your comments, but people either don’t pay attention to the quote from the bible or they just don’t believe


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